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Specialist in high tech security solutions

Everybody is talking about prevention, security and especially about cost savings. HADI does something about it and not just now. For more then 40 years HADI has been specialised in high tech security solutions. Optimal security has become more and more the teamwork of architectural measurements and advanced electronics - with less people working.

The HADI formula is simple: we discourage criminals and put everything at work to prevent any emergency. At least we make it as difficult and time consuming as possible. If however something undesirable happens, we’ll make sure this gets signaled, reported and recorded right away.

Simultaneously we undertake effective action by calling the right people and authorities. Our people fix the failure and repair possible damage. 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. This is what HADI stands for.

As a typical Hague company HADI is very proud to serve many international companies, (governmental) institutions and it’s individual expats all over the city. We assure you that we deal in a professional, integer, flexible and descrete way with one and other.

HADI delivers total security; one place for you to turn to with all your wishes and questions about safety and security. It’s our pleasure to take away from you the sorrow and many hours of thinking!

In case you would like to know more about HADI and/or in what way HADI may serve you. Please fill in the contact form. Our security advisor will contact you soon.

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